Are you interested in starting an online business? Do you need help with software, website development, website hosting, mobile app development, hosted email, domain names, logo design, SEO, DNS, CDN, or SSL? If you already have an offline business and want to expand it to the online world, you're in the right spot. We can assist you with all of these services.

Creating Peace of Mind
Fully Managed IT Support & Services

From IT support and strategy, to proactive management and technology consulting, we deliver future forward IT solutions for all the ways your people work.

Every Day, Every Device,
Fully Managed.

Our IT solutions provide the tools, support, and expertise needed to fuel your modern workplace. At Metasoft, we leverage leading-edge technology and world class systems to enhance the way our clients do business now and in the future. Whether you’re looking for complete Managed Services or a custom-solution, let us help you harness the power of technology to reach your business goals.

Fully Managed

Get Peace of Mind knowing that every aspect of your cloud, hardware and software, from infrastructure and servers to individual devices.


We work alongside your in-house IT to help manage the day-to-day, delivering the bench strength you need to be at your best. 

Custom Managed

Work with us to plan, design, and implement a unique managed IT solution that delivers the best results for your business. 

ITaaS Solutions

Our main aim is to create an online solution that will assist your IT Solutions. You won't hear incomprehensible technical terminology when dealing with us, we speak plain and simple English. Our main principles are that: simplicity without losing the point works! A client should be able to get simple, intelligible information at any time. We stick to these principles in everything that we do whether it is communicating with a client, issuing tasks to the project managers or assigning the task to the our team.

Metasoft will deliver services that are business driven rather than technology driven.

Metasoft provides ingenious IT solutions that enable your company to profitably manage and support your distributed computing environment. even more so in today's competitive market, IT projects must be successful companies can not afford cost overruns, missed delivery dates, cancelled projects and poor quality results.

Metasoft is an IT solutions firm dedicated to IT project promotion, development and Improvement. Our mission is to provide clients with the dedicated support they need to complete their overall project or initiative.

Simple Pricing

No Strings Attached
120 days Free Trial.

No Credit Card Required
60 Days Grace Period.

No Overcharging
Unlike most of our competitors.

Pay by Cash, Credit Cards
Bank Wire Transfer, Money Order, PayPal & Crypto.

We can build a tailored solution
That best suits the needs of your business.

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